Aldaker - Maine Coon Cattery

       Dream about a big, russet, sweet cat was always on my mind. Like many of my dreams it had to wait for a right moment. Long search and patience have been rewarded. Native hungary came to our home at last. Great maine coon with seldom met color - russet and white.

       Goran dispose every feature I have ever dreamed about. Gorgious color. Long, strong skeleton. Firm, wide vat witch prominent beard and great, highly placed ears, ended with a brush like a wild lynx. It's going to be a great in type cat. His hair coating is already much longer than his equals.

       However, first of all, Goran has a wonderful character. He is unusually tender, friendly and contact. He loves playing ball, hunting and climbing after his pillar. He watches television passionately, stares at monitor and takes a nap on the keyboard, pressing inappropriate combinations of keys:)

       Always ready to play with us. Very talkative. In the matter of fact he talks all the time with us and himself. Every morning he wakes us up happily tipping our noses with his one:)