Aldaker - Maine Coon Cattery

     Eden arrived to us from Finlad.
Her first pics we got when he had only few hours of life. When we saw her at first time we felt warm in our hearts :). It was love at first sight. About this kitten-girl we dreamed for loooong time.

     Till then we chose our cats only with classic tabby. Eden is our first cat in solid colour. She has beautiful head, strong muzzle and chin, beutiful shape of ears, long tail and wonderful soft coat. Her mother at 2002 year took title - World Winner.

     Eden has many valuable features for our cattery, but first of all she has wonderful character. She is socialized perfectly. She loves peoples and another cats. She participates in all actions at home, and all time to making long conversation with us ;).

     We are very happy that Jaana - breeder of Eden, trusting us and to give us this wonderful lady. Thank you very much Jaana for Eden :o).